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How to cook crocodile burgers

by owetogrub
how to cook crocodile burgers

You’re probably asking, do people really eat crocodile? Yes, crocodile is eaten here in the U.S., but it’s more common in regions of Africa and Australia.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually eaten crocodile because I prefer alligator. To me, alligator meat is a little sweeter and has a richer taste and texture.

Crocodile meat for the most part is leaner than alligator meat. There is more tough white meat on the body of a croc than that of an alligator and just like any wild meat, you have to select the best cuts for the type of cooking and recipe you’re using.

Cuts of the crocodile can be very chewy if not cooked properly.

What does crocodile meat taste like

You’re probably thinking it taste like alligator, but it doesn’t. Some parts do have the texture of alligator, but I think croc meat is more gamey. It’s a cross between turtle and snake.

Best cuts of crocodile to eat

As with beef or pork, there are cuts of crocodile that are less desirable to eat. I found the neck and leg to be very tough and chewy if not cooked right. They need moisture and time to be palatable. They’re not bad if grounded and added to other fatty ground meats.

Crocodile neck and leg meat is very tasty when mixed with 70/30 ground beef and pork. I personally prefer the tail and jaw meat. You can’t go wrong with either of those cuts.  They’re less lean and tastier.

How long to cook crocodile burgers

Mix equal parts of the beef and crocodile meat and add your favorite seasonings like: salt, pepper, cayenne, onion, garlic and any of your favorite burger ingredients. Cook in a hot skillet on the stove or grill them on a gas grill or over hot coals for an awesome flame broiled flavor.

The cooking time is usually 3-4 minutes on each side, but it also depends on the thickness of your burger. If you prefer not to mix the crocodile meat with beef or pork, use the ground tail meat. It cooks up quickly without being too chewy or dry. Crocodile burgers are delicious served with a spicy chili mayo sauce and steak fries.

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