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Cooking wild turkey legs in the crock pot

by owetogrub
ways to cook slow cooker turkey legs

Turkey is one of my most favorite wild meats and I probably eat it more than all other game meats.  One of the reasons why I eat so much wild turkey is because it’s abundant in my neck of the woods.

I definitely love me some deep fried turkey breast or turkey nuggets, but there are many other ways to prepare wild turkey.  If you haven’t tried smoking those wild turkey legs yet, you’re missing out on some good eating.

Smoke the legs low and slow with a mixture of apple and hickory or oak and pecan hardwoods for a few hours. They’re so good and juicy that you don’t need any bbq sauce. I season them up with some poultry seasoning and seasoning salt.

Best ways to cook wild turkey legs

Slow cooking wild turkey legs is in my opinion one of the best ways to enjoy them. It’s hard to mess up any recipe that involves the crock pot. The turkey is always tender and flavorful when slow cooked and there are tons of seasonings, spices and liquids you can add to get that perfect flavor profile.

Slow cooker wild turkey leg tacos

Every one in this house loves these tacos. You can make them spicy or mild and they are some of the best tasting street tacos I’ve had. The most novice cook can fix them cause all you need is a slow cooker, 4 wild turkey legs, a package of taco bell taco seasoning and a little water.

Season the legs, put them in the crock pot with about a 1/2 cup of water and cook until tender. Once done, chop the meat up for crunchy wild turkey leg tacos or pull the meat and pile on corn or tortillas with onion, cilantro or any of your favorite taco toppings.

Slow cooker bbq wild turkey leg sandwiches

If you’re in the mood for some bbq and don’t feel like firing up the stick burner, throw the legs in the slow cooker with some onions and your favorite bbq sauce. The prep is as simple as seasoning your meat with bbq rub and placing the legs in the crock pot. Top with sliced yellow onions and the bbq sauce. Cook until tender and enjoy bbq wild turkey sliders or sandwiches with cole slaw and pickles on the side.

Slow cooker wild turkey legs with gravy (smothered)

This is a Sunday meal that’s both tasty and comforting. This is how I enjoy eating wild turkey thighs and legs. I grab about 4 legs and season em up with some Lawry’s seasoning salt. Throw the legs in the slow cooker with 1/2 cup of chicken stock and cook until tender.

Once done, pull the turkey like you would pulled pork and make an old fashioned hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. You can use the broth from the slow cooker to make homemade gravy or you can add a can of cream of mushroom soup to the crock pot instead of the chicken stock.

My go to veggie is green beans cooked in pork skin, jowl or ham hocks. It’s so good that I doubt you’ll have leftovers. If so, make a sandwich.

These are my favorite ways to slow cook wild turkey legs.

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