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Deep fried frog legs and gigging at night

by owetogrub
how to cook deep fried frog legs and pan fry

First, let me say that deep fried frog legs does not taste like chicken.  It seems like everyone, when asked what frog legs taste like, says “chicken”.

I’ve been eating frog legs (fried, grilled and baked) since I was a little kid and they’ve never tasted like chicken to me.  If I had to describe the taste of frog legs, I’d say they have a faint gamey seafood taste like fried alligator. They also kind of taste like turtle meat.

Lots of people frown and turn up their faces when you ask them have they eaten frog legs. I can’t believe the amount of people who has never tried them and say they wouldn’t.

Maybe it’s because they’re not the most beautiful creatures. But lets not forget, they can turn into a prince.

Where to get frog legs?

Well, if you’re lucky enough to have some farm ponds around, you can go frog gigging. Check with your state conservation to find out when and where you can gig for frogs in your area. Most states it’s legal around early summer to fall. If you’re not that lucky, just visit your local grocery store.

How to catch frogs gigging:

It’s not really that hard or difficult frog gigging. I can remember back in the days on the pond and lake banks gigging with friends in the dark of summer. It doesn’t get much better than a couple of friends, cooler full of cold ones and the determination to catch a mess of frogs to fry up in camp.

You don’t need to do any tracking like you would a whitetail deer or larger game. The only gear you’ll need is a gig, flashlight and patience. We always blinded the frogs and gigged them from behind.

How to prepare or dress a frog for eating:

1. Remove the feet ( a cleaver works great for this)
2. Remove the skin. I like to use catfish pliers. Chances are, we’re also catfishing when gigging for frogs.
3. Batter, deep-fry and eat

There’s not much to do to get them from bank to plate. The cooking process is pretty simple as well and they’re in and out of the hot oil in a few minutes.

Deep Fried Frog Legs Recipe:


4-6 pair of frog legs (usually 4 in a pound)
1 1/2 cup flour
2 cups water
salt and pepper
oil for deep frying


1. Season your flour with 1 tsp. of salt and 1 tsp. of pepper
2. Fill a bowl with the water
3. Coat the frog legs in the flour, place in the water and back in the flour ( I call it double dipping)
4. Heat the oil to 375 and deep fry for 8-10 minutes

Don’t put too many in the oil at once. You can also fry the frog legs in a skillet. Cook on each side for 4-5 minutes. Cooking times depends on the size of your frog legs. If you have the really skinny ones that don’t have much meat, only deep fry them for 7-8 minutes. If they’re the meatier ones, deep fry for 10 minutes. Enjoy!!

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